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Sheds & Bunkers

At Wit-Lane, we specialize in re-purposing Used Steel Tanks!

Used Steel Tanks can make excellent, durable, secure and long lasting sheds and bunkers. Over time, they make a far better investment than typical "aluminum" type sheds and can be much more secure.

Used Steel Tanks can also be re-purposed for a wide variety of other useful tasks, limited only by your imagination.

We stock a large variety of used steel tanks in many sizes. All of which can be sold “as is” or we can customize to your specifications. Including sand blasting, cleaning, painting, welding and other alterations.

Examples of Possible Uses For Re-purposed Used Steel Tanks:

  • Shed & Storage Shelter
  • Storm & Weather Shelter
  • Secure Storage Bunker
  • EMP or Solar Flare Protection For Valuable Electronics & Generators
  • Emergency Shelter or Bunker
  • Hunting Blind
  • Covered Foot Bridge (for small creeks, steams, etc.)
  • And many more great ideas...

Please contact us today to discuss your needs and for more information.

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